Criminal Law

Jennifer S. Nicholson Attorney at Law, PSC.
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Jennifer Nicholson has been practicing Criminal Law since 1999, with an early start in federal criminal law. Jennifer has handled all types of criminal cases including Federal/State Felony & Misdemeanor Drug Cases, Theft Offenses, DUI, Complex Conspiracy Cases, Drug Conspiracy Cases, Assault, Federal Supervised Release Violations, and State Parole & Probation Violations.


Jennifer is experienced in jury trial work and has tried Criminal cases at the local District Court level on up to the Federal level. She has personally handled hundreds of Federal criminal cases.


She can guide you on making smart choices for your defense including retaining experts to aid in your defense. A key to success in criminal defense is the thorough examination of all information available by discovery from the prosecution. Moreover, it is equally important to develop leads through independent discovery.  Examining every aspect of the case, as quickly as possible, is critical. Whether it be visiting the scene, combing through boxes of items gathered, or following up with witnesses early on… it’s attention to detail that sets Jennifer Nicholson apart.


There is never a fee to discuss your case.