Wrongful Death

Jennifer S. Nicholson Attorney at Law, PSC.
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Jennifer Nicholson has worked at both defending wrongful death cases and pursuing wrongful death cases.  She can offer compassionate, tough and competent representation.


Life is priceless.  Family and friends are not replaceable.  When a loved one is taken suddenly you are left behind to fill their shoes.  You face raising your children without the help and guidance of the other parent or your family copes with grief forever because their Dad, Mom, Brother or Uncle are gone.  Not only is the loss of a relative an emotional nightmare, it can be an economical catastrophe for the family.


When you have a death in your family and you think someone or something negligently caused the death you to need contact a lawyer as soon as possible.  This is important so that you know the required steps and what is necessary in the beginning to preserve evidence.  An expert may be necessary to determine what truly happened.  Your relative is gone and they can not speak for themselves to give their side of the story. Moreover, children and spouses of someone killed due to the negligence of another person have certain claims to damages that are in addition to the damages collectible for the wrongful death of the loved one.


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