Probate Law

Jennifer S. Nicholson Attorney at Law, PSC.
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Jennifer Nicholson handles probate cases for all types of estates, small and large.


When a loved one dies, it’s a traumatic time and you may not know where to turn. It can be difficult to handle important property and other legal matters amidst chaos.  Often, you’re faced with difficult decisions about what to do regarding your deceased relative’s bills or perhaps you are dealing with disgruntled relatives who want to loot the Estate. Jennifer Nicholson can help ease the burden of dealing with property matters during a time of grief.  She will advocate to protect the property rights of the estate.


Jennifer also prepares a large number of wills and advises her clients on what actions to take to prepare their estate.  Frank discussion and planning for this difficult time can provide peace of mind that your relatives will not have to worry about what to do once you pass away.


Jennifer prepares a large number of Power of Attorneys and Living Wills. It is important to prepare a plan in case you can’t make your decisions in an informed manner in the future whether due to a physical problem or you are away on travel.  Living Wills allow you to leave instructions on your wishes as to life sustaining treatment that can be administered to you if you have an accident or traumatic health event that requires hospitalization.  Everyone who has been to the hospital or a doctor’s office knows that you are always asked if you have a Living Will or Directive. Stay informed so that your family doesn’t have to struggle or guess at what you would want them to do for you in a time when you can’t speak.


There is never a fee to discuss your case.