Real Estate Law

Jennifer S. Nicholson Attorney at Law, PSC.
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Jennifer Nicholson began working in real estate law before becoming a lawyer. While working as a real estate Paralegal, she performed title searches in numerous counties across the State of Kentucky.


Jennifer prepares a large number of Deeds, Title Searches and Opinions, Leases, & various other property agreements.  Oftentimes, real estate is the largest monetary asset a person owns during their lifetime.  You want your property to be secured and not subject to challenges by neighbors or other interested parties.  Examining the title of record is key to knowing the state of your ownership.


A proper deed is also necessary.  You don’t want to discover years later after you have paid for your property that there is a problem with your title and/or your deed, lease, land contract or other property agreement.  Mistakes made can appear years later and then you are faced with potentially buying an interest from someone you never knew had an interest. Jennifer Nicholson can help you with all your property needs. She learned prior to becoming an attorney that thoroughness is the key!


There is never a fee to discuss your case.